Hi! I am Katie.

Working as a psychotherapist has always been my greatest calling. Read more below!



my story

My name is Katie. Working as a psychotherapist has always been my greatest calling.  I grew up in a home that supported self development and I was always encouraged to read, explore, and learn as much as possible. As a high school athlete going through the collegiate recruiting process, I became fascinated in learning about Sports Psychology. I read every book I could get my hands on and started to see the tremendous connection between mind and body. I was passionate about learning everything I could about Mindfulness, meditation, visualization, and positive affirmations. I eventually earned a scholarship to the University of Georgia to play softball, where I ended up suffering from a major injury. As I was recovering from this injury, I was faced with some big decisions that eventually led me to transfer to Cal Berkeley where I was able to finish my softball career.

Following my time as a student athlete at UC Berkeley, I began my career in Human Resources. After spending time in the corporate world coaching and training Executives, I realized my deep passion for helping others. I started to notice that the same pressure, stress, and deep desire to win that was present in competitive sports was also very alive in the corporate landscape. I became dedicated to helping individuals and teams reach their highest potential through the integration and practice of mindful awareness and intention. This merge between mindfulness and performance led me to expand my knowledge and further my education in the field of psychology. I eventually earned my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy.


I believe that the practice of Mindfulness is integral to finding peace, purpose, and fulfillment in our anxiety driven world. I work with adults, adolescents, and couples in private practice, while also hosting workshops, teaching classes, and leading mindset training for athletes. My approach is collaborative, relation based, and solution focused. I hope you join me on the path.


I believe—

On the other side of resistance is the FLOW.

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"Being in flow is a visceral experience in which you’re driven by purpose and inspired by your goals, yet at the same time, blissfully grounded in the present moment." - Katie Cheadle