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Becoming Mama

Becoming a mom changed me. It introduced me to a love I never knew existed. It welcomed a softness in me that I didn’t know was possible. It showed me that the capacity to love with out conditions exists within me. Motherhood has reminded me that each moment is an absolute gift. It’s shown me that there is beauty in all the small things. It helped me understand my own mother in a deeper, more meaningful way. Being a mom has made me laugh really hard and cry a lot too. Being a mom is the hardest and the easiest thing I’ve ever done. It is extraordinary and completely ordinary, and everything in between. Motherhood is sleepless nights, lots of cleaning, and constantly learning how to give myself grace. Motherhood is trying to remember not to cuss and being okay when my toddler eats fried food, sugar, or looks at a screen longer than I would like. Being a mom is cold coffee, counting down minutes until bedtime, and then as soon as my babe is asleep missing her. Motherhood is never getting to pee or shower alone and listening to Baby Shark instead of rap. This day is bringing up a lot of emotion for me this year as I am still learning what it means to be a single mom, and also not getting to spend time with my own mother today. Despite the changing circumstances of motherhood one thing remains the same - I am SO DAMN GRATEFUL for my girl and for the woman that raised me. In the spirit of gratitude, I am also beyond grateful for all the beautiful souls that make “momming” possible for me. I have an unreal support system that steps up when I need them and are integral in my daughter’s life. I can’t stop thinking about all the people who may be having a challenging time today - women that want to be moms, people who have lost their moms or have challenging relationships with their moms, and the mothers who have lost a child. I am sending everyone so much love and wishing you all a beautiful day!



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