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Connecting to Your Inner Child

Sometimes we notice patterns and triggers that continue to show up in our lives. We talk about them with our friends, family, or even address them in therapy and yet they continue to impact our relationships and mental health. This may be an invitation for you to do some Inner Child Work. A lot of times we have deep-rooted, childhood wounds that manifest as shame, fear, or insecurities that simply need healing.

When we engage the core wounds from our childhood, we're able to consciously notice what is being activated within us and give them a safe place to be heard, acknowledged, and loved. This work can be transformative in breaking repetitive cycles and maladaptive coping skills.

One way to rebuild our connection with our Inner Child is to write them a letter. Check out an example here:

Dear Little Katie,

I know that you felt you needed to always exceed the expectations of others in order to gain approval. I know that you worked diligently at school and sports to make others proud and to feel that you were lovable. I understand that sometimes this leads you to not feeling you are "good enough" as you are. You don't have to operate this way anymore. You don't have to push yourself so hard and go above and beyond in order to be validated by others. I promise you that you are enough and you are worthy of love exactly as you are.

Love you always,

Older and Wiser Katie

There is SO MUCH MORE where this came from, but here is a little prompt for you to play around with as you start to become more acclimated with this type of inner-work.

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