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Flow, Flow, Flow

That feeling when you KNOW.

You start seeing "signs" and it feels like everything is falling apart, but there's a deeper knowing that things may actually be falling into place. It's just sort of painful. It kind of hurts. It's so freaking uncomfortable.

You may meet the right person, at the right time, who says the right thing, to give you that push you need to make. You take like ten steps forward at once and there is no possible way you would have done that on your own. Can you relate?

Sometimes the universe gets loud simply because we've been ignoring it. When we're in FLOW we're able to hear the whispers. The soft pulls. We feel intuitively what is meant for us and what we need to release. When we're in our flow, the universe doesn't need to be so obnoxious because we're actually listening. We're conscious. We're awake. We're mindful.

There is a natural flow that happens when we're in alignment with our purpose, our truth, and living the life we were meant to experience here on earth.

I will never forget a conversation I had with my mom in July of 2019. I was telling her that my life was being pulled in a different direction. I felt it so strongly in my body and in my soul, and I knew I had to listen to it. It was going to be scary and unfamiliar, but it was my truth.

I was done ignoring it and pretending that I was satisfied with the way things were. During this time, the universe got LOUD. Keys were lost and later stolen, my car stopped operating, I spilled on my MacBook, and I even cracked my phone. It was literally one thing after another, as I started getting more and more clear on what needed to be done.

I was like "I get it!", "I'm going to make changes!", "I'm going to do the hard thing!"

And I did.

Things have had a beautiful, serendipitous, way of working themself out since then. I've leaned into courage, I've trusted my intuition, and I've seen massive transformations personally and professionally.

It's no coincidence that in January of 2019 when I started my private practice and developed my website, my business tagline was FIND YOUR FLOW.

I knew this was what I wanted to help men and women find, but perhaps I wasn't fully ready to do this work until I personally dove in head first!

Now, over two years later, I'm stepping into my power and embracing the FLOW that moves through me.

I'm creating offerings and programs that will help you develop the skills to find your flow and maintain it. I want to help you embrace the ease that exists within each moment, surrender to the natural flow of life, and live in alignment with your deepest truth.




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