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Meditation Mondays in Long Beach

The new week starts and before we know it we’re attached to our phones, glued to our computers, and feeling stressed out. We step foot in the office and we’ve already begun our countdown to the weekend. The problem with living and working for the weekend is that we miss out on the beauty of what is happening right now. This realization immediately gives rise to a number of vital questions.

What is my relationship to my own life going to look like?

Am I taking inspired action or am I just running on auto-pilot?

Am I a prisoner of my circumstances or my obligations?

Do I become reactive if certain buttons get pushed?

Do I feel I have choice in my everyday life?

Your responses to these questions are valuable as you begin to acknowledge the importance of a Mindfulness practice in your everyday life. Is there any waking moment of your life that would not be richer and more meaningful if you were more fully awake while it was happening?

In order to be intentional about setting the tone for my own week and to do my part in supporting others, I decided to start Meditation Mondays in our Long Beach Office. My intention is to have participants leave feeling more connected and grounded both professionally and personally. At noon on Mondays we take control of our week by attuning to our mind, body, and soul. Finding stillness amidst the busyness that perpetuates in our lives is a beautiful gift to give yourself. Whether you have never meditated before, just beginning your practice, or you are a seasoned practitioner, this group is for you. I usually begin with an introduction focusing on a different topic each week and then lead us through a guided meditation that lasts around 10-15 minutes. We save time at the end for a short discussion and touch base.

If you’re in the Long Beach area and looking for a way to elevate your week right from the start, please come sit with us. $10 admission and drop ins are welcome.

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