Mind, Body, and Soul with Nicole Moore

My path crossed with Nicole Moore’s when I stepped foot in a spin class and had one of the most fun, invigorating works outs of my life. She had mentioned something about the Bay Area and being a UC Berkeley alum and naturally, I went home and found her on Instagram. To my surprise I saw her IG handle was "Fit with the Flow", which of course resonates with me as my catch line is “Find your Flow”; I thought to myself, "she gets it".

If you’ve attended any of Nicole’s classes, you understand that she integrates mind, body, and soul. I felt compelled to dig deeper. I wanted to learn from this powerful force.

When I think of Nicole, words that come to mind are empowered, soulful, fierce, sassy, activist, health conscious, hilarious, and unapologetic. As she approaches her 50th year of life, she seems to have mastered fluidity, recognizing that her journey is transient and nothing is linear. She embraces the ebbs and flow, she rides each and every wave.

Just like every transformational story you’ve ever heard, it wasn’t always this way for Nicole. Her journey began as a 26 year old wanting to get her body right, but she quickly realized the secret sauce was in elevating her mind. As she started pushing barriers with her physical body, she was able to set stronger boundaries in her life. Fitness became the nurturing environment for this transformational growth. It also became a beautiful conduit to help other women change their mindset as well. She wanted to break herself from the feelings of insecurity, disempowerment, and doubt; she used fitness as the catalyst to take herself to new heights. There is a theme in Nicole’s evolution - she always uses fitness as an incubator to take her to the next level.

So many people say that working out is their form of therapy. I guess it makes sense. I believe any time we’re able to be fully present, investing time in ourselves, and tuning inward instead of being pulled by a million outside forces tremendous healing can occur. With that being said, our personal trainers and class instructors become integral in our ability to reset. As someone who enjoys going to therapy and is a therapist myself, Nicole’s class was the first time I finally understood what people were talking about. Her 8am week day classes became my therapy. Not only would I be dripping sweat after pushing myself physically, but she had such a beautifully powerful way of encouraging students to reflect, identify with their purpose, and feel confident to face the inevitable messiness of our lives.

Nicole believes in the whole person. She says you cannot transform your body without transforming your mind. The same discipline that goes into eating well and waking up early for a morning work out, is what empowers you to stop using negative self talk or ruminating over past failures. I’ve always thought that fitness is such a beautiful practice of mindfulness; when you’re fully engaged in your work out, tuning into your body, you’re able to truly open to new depths of your soul. This is the space Nicole “Fit with the Flow” exists. She integrates mind, body, and soul. She understands they are not separate.

Although I thought the magic was in mindfulness, Nicole taught me the magic is in letting her clients know they are worth it. She says “You have to celebrate the work that goes into it! You have to champion the work, be mindful about the work, and know you are worthy of the work.” She reminds her clients that quitting is not an option. She teaches her clients that the best time to work out, is when you least feel like it. “When you don’t want to work out, thats when you have to move your body! Move the mental toxins out of your body! Open your heart, get a good sweat, and release those toxins so you can get back to the present. You are worth it."

This concept of worthiness is powerful in a society that conditions us to believe we’re not enough. I am so grateful to have inspirational women in our community doing the work to help others know they’re worthy of achieving their goals, worthy of being great, and worthy of healing their mind and body. I think we all need this reminder.

Nicole is currently looking forward to her Retreat Elite, which she describes as her “brain baby” for the past three or four years. Her retreat is all about creating a community of expansive women who are ready to connect, grow, and step into their power. The weekend will be filled with sacred self care including work outs, yoga, mindful meditations, home cooked meals, and more. This Malibu retreat has already sold out, but stay tuned for more to come. As Nicole evolves, so does her business. Not only does she train, but she supports her clients through nutritional coaching, life coaching, and most importantly, helping women find their purpose!

After speaking with Nicole, its clear that she uses her life as her own best teacher. She gains insight and confidence from having the courage to live authentically, vulnerably, and unapologetically. Her work outs are magic, because she embraces every part of our being! You leave feeling rejuvenated, open hearted, and really, really sweaty! If you’re interested in learning more about Nicole and following her journey, go check her out on instagram @fitwiththeflow and sign up for her classes on Mindbody @getmoorefitness.

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