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Pushing the Edges

I've been thinking about our edges. I've been thinking about the vulnerability that arises when we dance in the space between. It takes courage to rub up against your perceived limitations and it take courage to explore the grey areas.

The paradoxical nature of life is mind bending and humorous. I'm smiling as I write this because the universe truly does have the greatest sense of humor!

We cannot truly know love, without knowing heart break.

We cannot know truth, without being acquainted with disillusion.

Working with teams and businesses, I understand how difficult it is to hold the tension of the paradoxes.

The tension between having a big heart and making difficult decisions.

The tension between humility and resolve.

The tension between velocity and quality when creating new products.

The tension between our left brain and our right brain.

The tension between thinking big and starting small.

The list goes on.

I believe our ability to lead others and thrive independently comes from being able to dance in the ambiguity of the paradoxes. This is no easy task, but the only way to develop this skill is to get in the ring.

Push your edges, dance in the space between, and have the courage to fail. You're right on track.

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