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Pushing Through the Discomfort

Through my inner work and awakening, I have noticed the ways that I try to avoid discomfort. You know those moments where you pour yourself a drink because you're so stressed and don't know where to start, or you grab your phone and start swiping or scrolling because you don't want to feel lonely, or maybe you start eating, or texting someone from your past because the present moment is just so damn uncomfortable.

I know this is a common behavior because I see this in my clients and I believe this is simply part of being human. We avoid things that don't feel good. We are hard wired for this.

As I have enhanced my meditation practice and am bringing a greater sense of mindful awareness to my emotions, I am noticing my discomfort and meeting it with an openness and a willingness to evolve. I am experimenting with my responses: What would happen if I didn't have a drink tonight? What would happen if I turned off all forms of technology and simply felt my feelings fully? What would happen if I didn't text him? What am I scared to feel? What am I avoiding? What is it like to simply be with the feeling?

This practice of getting really curious about the "why" behind your behaviors can transcend your spiritual growth. If we're always avoiding things that are uncomfortable, we are robbing ourselves of the opportunity to grow and evolve (this is our primary responsibility in life). As I ease into the unsettling emotions of loneliness, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and the list goes on, I start to increase my capacity to notice my emotions and stay grounded in the process.

If I continue to improve my emotional agility and build my tolerance for distress, at one point I will be truly liberated. Free to express my vulnerabilities, free to live with an open heart, and most importantly free from the power of fear. How beautiful to arrive in a place where we can always respond and act from a place of LOVE!

Try to notice what feelings trigger discomfort in you. Notice the feelings and emotions you desperately want to avoid and take "baby steps" towards them. Ease into them and know that the feeling will pass and you will come out on the other side - wiser, stronger, and far more powerful.

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