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Taking a Critical Look at Life

I think when we take a good hard look at our life, we see all the attachments and escapes into which we have fallen. Each one represents a potential future source of discomfort. When you think of empty nesters (kids are leaving the home), retirement, or perhaps someone who becomes disabled - the reaction that typically occurs is due to many years of pre-existing denial.

We're so attached to feelings of self-esteem, importance, and wanting to feel needed and significant. Even the anticipation of the inevitable and preparing for it can bring minor discomfort, so we wait and wait and wait. We eventually experience the traumatic grief and loss at a later date.

Let's even look at our major romantic relationships and honestly examine them. To what degree do they subserve our selfish needs? To what degree are we using the other person to exploit them for our own gain? To what degree are they merely subserving our happiness? To find out, ask yourself this: "If their happiness were best served by leaving the relationship, how would I feel about it?" Your answer to this reveals everything you need to know.

Attachment is not love.

There is a small part of ourself that is frightened and is operating from outdated beliefs. Surrendering means letting go. The purpose of letting go is to transmute our energy, so those old programs don't run us. We are free to expand into a greater awareness. We realize we're just seeking LOVE. And we soon realize that we are surrounded by love at all times, it's unlimited.

Trust that.

This is the work. To TRUST deeply that there is unlimited energy and love available to you.

So as I continue to take a critical look at my life and explore surrender, I'm working on letting go of my negative feelings and attachments. I notice my fears and take a deep breath and relax my body. I allow myself to replace fear with trust and let me tell you, it's coming with a profound sense of well-being.

The journey continues.

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