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Using Values as a GPS

Lately, I've spent some time thinking about my values. The concepts, beliefs, and ideas that I hold dearest to my heart. I have realized the more I do inner-work, practice meditation, work with my coach, and spend time in deep reflection, that it is SO IMPORTANT for me to be clear on what I personally value.

When life is fast and furious and we're balancing relationships, business, parenting, personal development, and self growth, we have to have some sort of guiding force. When we're pulled in a million different directions, there needs to be something that helps prioritize where our time and energy is best spent. My values have been that for me.

So often we're valuing or prioritizing things unconsciously. I encourage you to spend some time contemplating what is most important to YOU. Not what was important to your family, not what society tells us "should" be important, but what is truly of value to YOU.

Here are some characteristics of values:

They are active.

They help you close the gap between how you're currently living your life and how you want to be living your life.

They bring you freedom from comparison. You stop worrying about others because you're so aligned with what's important to you.

They cultivate self-acceptance. *this is key for our mental health

They guide you.

They're freely chosen by YOU, for YOU. *not imposed upon you

Values are something you can use each and every day in your life. They help you head in the right direction, no matter where life may be leading you.

If you want to get closer to your values, here are some beautiful questions to consider:

Deep down, what really matters to me?

What type of relationships do I want to have in my life?

What do I want my life to be about? What is my life's message?

How do I feel most of the time? What situations make me feel most alive?

If there was no anxiety and stress present in my life, what would my life look like? What new things would I pursue?

This is a great starting point for you to start developing your own principles. You can also think about the areas in which people are seeking your advice and expertise OR the activities and work projects that excite you the most. One of my favorite questions that I love to ask others is "When do you feel the most yourself?"

When we know what we DO care about, we can free ourselves from the things we DON'T care about. Let your values be your guide.

See you on the path!



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