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Waking Up

Part of the work when it comes to becoming more conscious and aware on the spiritual path is getting clear on our emotional well-being. I used to always think that I was in touch with my feelings because I felt things so strongly and could verbalize what I was experiencing, but everything I felt was simply in relation to others and the environment around me.

Do you understand the difference?

If you're feeling sad because someone else is going through something or you're exhausted because you stayed up all night with your friend or you're feeling anxious because your significant other let you down - all of that is in relation to someone else.

A huge part of awakening is truly getting to know yourself and uncovering your authentic emotional nature - completely unrelated to anyone or anything. Simply in relation to YOURSELF and yourself alone.

We have to work to discover ourselves, to understand why we keep secrets, or have addictions, or blame others for our errors or wrong doings. Our awakening is rooted in our self-discovery process. Again, with or without anyone else playing a primary role, you should know: What do you like? What do you love? What makes you genuinely happy? What makes you feel balanced and centered? Do you feel like you can depend on yourself? Why do you do the things you do? What feels like a weakness? When do you crave approval or need attention from others? Do you feel grounded enough to be close to another person and still honor your own emotional needs?

I hope you all have the courage to meet yourself in this space. Alone. Unrelated to anyone or anything else. This is where the work begins.

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