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Why Mindfulness Brings in More Money

Research tells us over and over and over again that our workforce is stressed out. We're not doing well. This stress impacts our mental, emotional, and physical health. Employees that are over worked tend to take more sick days and of course, they're less engaged when they're on the job.

Mindfulness is a way to slow it all down. Teaching your team how to integrate Mindfulness in real time is a powerful and profound act of conscious leadership, as they can start to soothe themselves and notice when their mind is leading them to a place of stress and anxiety. If individuals are able to stay conscious and awake to their thoughts, feelings, and emotions while they're working imagine how dramatically this can shift their presence at work.

If teams are actively practicing Mindfulness and it's being integrated as part of the company culture, than we know that individuals have the tools and potentially the skill set to remain fully present on the job. When professionals are able to stay present, this drastically improves performance. Mindfulness allows us to maximize productivity, think more clearly, and be more attuned to the world around us. All of these benefits lead to improving the bottom line. Businesses thrive and increase

If you're interested in seeing some very practical tools for integrating Mindfulness to enhance your performance check out my video "Mindfulness for Performance" in my Video Shop or on IGTV.

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